Saturday, 25 July 2015

Best Large Garden - Reflecting Photonics - RHS Flower Show Tatton Park

This conceptual garden, sponsored by the Optoelectronics Research Centre at University of Southampton, CED Ltd, SureSet UK Ltd, Dural Ltd, Barcham Trees plc and Grange Fencing Ltd, reflects the world-leading research into light-transmitting optical fibre by the University of Southampton.

The pavilion is a light-filled structure. Fibre optic glass 'drops' are set into the floor and the ‘wave-form’ path is a metaphor for how light refracts along the fibres. The trees, Sorbus aria‘Magnifica’ and the surrounding planting are in cool shades, building to a vibrant colour spectrum. Paler Hydrangea paniculata crescendo into bright plants such as Helenium‘Sahin’s Early Flowerer’.
Reflecting Photonics

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