Monday 6 March 2017

BBC Audience - More Money Than Sense is an outrageous new comedy panel show hosted by Dominic Frisby

More Money Than Sense
More Money Than Sense is an outrageous new comedy panel show all about that dosh, moolah, Benjamins - aka money.

Presented by comedian and financial guru Dominic Frisby and starring Paul Sinha from The Chase and Grainne Maguire, More Money Than Sense explores the outrageous world of pop economics by asking questions no other show with any sense would even touch.

How much is illegal sperm? Which PR firm should you hire for your murder trial? How are honey bees traded on the black market?

These are just a few of the outlandish questions our panel of comedians and special guests will try and tackle with the help of our impeccable host and resident economist, who'll provide the almost unbelievable answers to these ridiculous questions!

Admission to this recording is on a first-come, first-served basis. Please note that as not everyone who asks for tickets uses them, to make sure we have a full house we send out more tickets than there are places. We do our best to get the numbers right, but unfortunately we occasionally have to disappoint people so please arrive early.

Date: Tuesday 14 March
Venue: Lost Theatre, London SW8 2JU
Doors open: 7pm
Recording starts: 7.30pm

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We hope you can join us!

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