Friday, 21 January 2022

Burgh House - Lunar New Year at Burgh House


Sunday, 30th January 
11:00am to 1:30pm 
Join us at Burgh House for a fantastic day of festivities to celebrate the Lunar New Year of the Tiger!

Following the success of previous years' celebrations, we bring you another great day of activities for all the family. We will begin at 11:00am with the breath-taking Lion Dance on Hampstead High Street, after which there will be craft workshops, dressing up, music, storytelling and an exhibition of beautiful art works at Burgh House. Some activities on the day require a free ticket, and there are a few remaining, so please follow the link below to reserve your place. We are hosting these celebrations in collaboration with Sishu School. For more information about them, please follow the link below.

We look forward to welcoming the Year of the Tiger with you all! 
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Sishu School
Lion Dance---------------------------Hampstead High Street------------11:00am
Calligraphy Workshop-----------Music Room----------------------Until 1:30pm
Silk Clay Tiger Workshop-------Music Room---------------------Until 1:30pm 
Hanfu Costumes-------------------Peggy Jay Gallery--------------Until 1:30pm 

Ticketed Workshops
Storytelling--------------------------Christopher Wade Room----11:30 & 12:30
Music Performance---------------Christopher Wade Room----11:45 & 12:45 

Lunar New Year Display

Peggy Jay Gallery - Until Sunday, 6th February 

Lunar New Year

Lunar New Year is also called the Spring Festival, it is a time for sweeping out the old and bad luck and welcoming in the new and good luck. Lunar New Year begins on the first new moon between 21 January and 20 February and ends on the full moon 15 days later. It is a national holiday in many Asian countries including China, Vietnam, Laos, Singapore and Korea, a time for celebrating and feasting with family.

In Chinese culture, each year is named after one of the animals associated with the Chinese zodiac. This year is the year of the tiger. People born in the year of the tiger are thought to be natural leaders, brave and exciting.

On Display

Since 2017 Lunar New Year has been celebrated at Burgh House in partnership with Sishu School. This year the celebrations have been extended to this exhibition featuring the artists Jiayao Peng, Oriel Zinaburg, Elo1se, and Yahan Zhang, selected by Peng for how they consider Chinese heritage and techniques. They are displayed alongside ceramic tigers made by the Reception students at Christ Church Primary School in Hampstead.

Other Upcoming Exhibitions and Events
Modern Calligraphy for Beginners 
4th February 2022

Join Katie Noakes, London Calligraphy’s founder, for an afternoon of learning Modern Calligraphy.
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Branch Hill Pond and the River Westbourne
An Exhibition by Redington Frognal Association 
9th to 13th February 2022

This exhibition delves into the geology and hydrogeology of Hampstead/Redington Frognal and describes the exploratory work undertaken in preparation for Branch Hill Pond's reinstatement.
Knots: Behind the Scenes Q&A with artist Jonny Briggs and curator Nicola Baird
27th February 2022

Join artist Jonny Briggs and curator Nicola Baird for informal insights into the origins and development of the exhibition, Burgh House's first collaboration with a contemporary artist. Conceived as an intervention, the exhibition reflects not only on Briggs' own family history set within a pine forest in rural England, but also on the human history of Burgh House and its past inhabitants, deconstructing the artist's past and reconstructing it in the context of another home.
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Burgh House recommends...
Camden Art Centre 
Our friends at Camden Art Centre are proud to announce the launch of two exhibitions this January in their gallery space in North London. Allison Katz’s Artery (image above) and Julien Creuzet’s Too blue, too deep, too dark we sank (image below) will be on display from 14th January to 13th March. Follow the link below for more information and to book your free ticket.
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