Saturday 20 April 2013

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Colobus at ZSL London Zoo
Baby monkey born
ZSL London Zoo's new arrival is already winning over visitors with her adorable smile!

Standing out against mum Sophia's raven fur, the two week old female colobus monkey - named Anvil by zookeepers - has a completely white coat which will eventually darken as she gets older.
See more photos of baby Anvil
See Life of Pi at the Zoo
Life of Pi
For one week only Life of Pi will be shown at ZSL London Zoo with exclusive after-hours access to brand new exhibit Tiger Territory.
Look out, lemurs about!
Lemur at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo
Six ring-tailed lemurs are settling in to their new home at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo after travelling almost 200 miles from the Netherlands.
Zoo Lates is back
Zoo Lates at ZSL London Zoo
Open until 10pm, the Zoo comes alive with animal talks, pop up bars, a street food festival and so much more.
The Big Night Out
For one night only, ZSL Whipsnade Zoo invites you to stay up late for a fun filled summer evening!
Tiger Territory open
Tiger Territory at ZSL London Zoo
Embark on a journey through an Indonesian habitat, coming face-to-face with beautiful Sumatran tigers.