Sunday 4 December 2016

Snow at Christmas in the UK

Take a look at how often we get snow at Christmas in the UK and the warmest, coldest, wettest, windiest, sunniest and snowiest Christmas days.

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When was the warmest Christmas day?

The warmest temperature recorded on Christmas day in the UK is 15.6 °C. It has been recorded twice, first in Edinburgh in 1896 and again in Killerton, Devon in 1920.
Max temperature (°C)
Edinburgh (1896) and Killerton (1920)Dyce (2011)Bude (1988)Exmouth (1997)Aber (1974)

When was the wettest Christmas day?

The wettest Christmas day in the UK was back in 2003 when 103 mm of rain fell in Ennerdale, Cumbria
Rainfall (mm)
Ennerdale (2003)Butterton (1973)Thirlmere (1974)Achnagart (2011)Cwm Dyli (1990)

When was the windiest Christmas day?

The windiest Christmas day recorded was on the Isle of Wight in 1997 when gusts up to 93 mph were recorded
Max wind gust (mph)
Sella Ness (2011)Isle of Wight (1997)Isle of Portland (1999)North Rona (2007)North Rona (2004)

When was the coldest Christmas day?

Gainford in Durham holds the record for the coldest Christmas day recording -18.3 °C in 1878.
Minimum temperature (°C)
Gainford (1878)Altnaharra (2010)West Linton (1981)Altnaharra (2009)Snowdon (1996)

When was the sunniest Christmas day?

The most amount of sunshine recorded on Christmas day is 7.5 hours, recorded in Faversham, Kent in 1979 and Camborne, Cornwall in 2010.
Sunshine hours
Faversham (1979)Camborne (2010)Newquay (1970)St Mawgan (1996)Margate (1995)

When was the deepest snow on Christmas day?

The deepest lying snow on Christmas day was recorded back in 1981 when Kindrogan, Perthshire recorded 47 cm.
Snow depth (cm)
Kindrogan (1981)Malham (2009)Lislap Forest (1968)Hillsborough (2010)Lough Bradan (1995)