Thursday 8 December 2016

The Last Tuesday Society & Viktor Wynd Museum - The Beautiful, The Ugly, The Bold and the Bare

New Years Eve Eve Masked Ball - 30th December
Drum Roll, please!

Announcing with pride, pandemonium and pizzazz the creative, curious and courtly costume competition categories for the Last Tuesday Society's New Year's Eve Eve Ball.
1. Pan award for Hairiest Goat Man
2. Bozo award for Most News Worthy Killer Clown
3. Havisham award for Best Use of Granny’s Wedding Gown
4. Star Man award for Most Grams of Glitter
5. Orion award for Handsomest Huntsperson
6. The Most Convincing Living Statue
7. Jadis award for Frostiest Winter Queen
8. The Most Startling Banished Banshee
9. Best use of Christmas Leftovers
10. Hogarth award for Rowdiest Resident of Gin Lane
11. Big Bird award for Most Ostentatious Tail Feathers
12. Louis XIV award for Tightest Ringlet Curls (head or otherwise)
13. The Boldest Byzantine Beauty
14. Best Use of Hard Brexit
15. Henry VIII award for Most Comely Courtesan
So scour the second-hand shops, loot the loft and garrote your granny for her best gabardine cloak. Fun is afoot and flounces and fripperies, glad-rags and glamour are the order of the day.

Think masks and mystery; top hats and under garments; Tales, coats and tails’ ruffles and bustles; shine and smut, ecclesiastical slut; byzantine glories, ottoman stories; Orion, the bitch, and the wardrobe; ballgowns and cannonballs; femme fatales; duels and jewels; cast out courtesans; banished banshees; nephilim exalted and exiled.

The Last Tuesday Society parties donate 10% of their ticket sales to CRISISthe UKs leading homelessness charity.  Our last party raised over £1,000.00

Please help us make this festive season a little more welcoming for those in need. 

This December we shall punctuate the promise of the new year - only slightly before its time – with divinely impish devilment and our usual dosing of masked mischief. Peruse the private boxes and their sinful secrets, climb high into a seedy backroom bar that reminds you of that week you can't remember in Koh Phanganmandu, marvel at the artful artisans mingling with us mere mortals and dance the year away. 
So, as winter rolls towards its climax and the year heaves its last shuddering sighs we entreat you to throw away all you once were, don a mask, and dance toward fresh beginnings, selves remade as heels clack, cocks crow and clocks chime, beckoning into a frost flecked dawn.