Friday 16 March 2018

Natural History Museum - It's British Science Week

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Find out more about a pivotal figure in natural history
Workshops for primary and secondary students
It's British Science Week! Hear stories from three Museum scientists about the people who first sparked their passion for science: their teachers.

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A pivotal figure in natural history
Image of Mary Anning
Who was Mary Anning?

In honour of Women's History Month, we take a look at palaeontologist Mary Anning, who is remembered for finding a number of fossilised extinct animals, including ichthyosaurs and plesiosaurs. Watch a short video to see some of her Dorset discoveries and learn why coprolites - or fossilised dinosaur poo - are so important to science.

Curriculum-linked workshops at the Museum
Mary Anning workshop
Mary Anning
Meet the famous fossil hunter and learn about fossilisation and adaption. This workshop is one of our Gallery Character programmes, which are discounted to £1 per child during spring and summer terms 2018.
Dino Scientists workshop
Dino Scientists
Work out the diet, movements and habitats of ancient fossil animals in this self-led activity.

The Variety Show workshop
The Variety Show
Discover the vast diversity of life on this planet, find out about how scientists group living things and see how they are related to all life on Earth in this interactive workshop.
The Great Debate workshop
The Great Debate
Darwin's theory of evolution by natural selection shook the religious and scientific world. Discover how, over time, this theory has become the accepted explanation for the diversity of life around us today.
Investigate workshop
Unleash your students' inner scientist in our hands-on science centre. They will discover hundreds of specimens and develop their scientific enquiry skills.