Friday 30 March 2018

Natural History Museum - Now open: Sensational Butterflies

Sensational Butterflies is now open
Five things to do at our tropical butterfly house
Gif of butterfly
  1. See free-flying butterflies and moths from around the world as they soar above your head.
  2. Witness the natural phenomenon of a butterfly emerging from its chrysalis.
  3. See butterflies feed on their favourite foods - they could be slurping up nectar from flowers or guzzling on fruit juices.
  4. Explore the immersive tropical habitat filled with plants from all over the world.
  5. Learn about the diversity and life cycle of one of nature's most fascinating creatures.

Until 16 September
Championing nature with Pukka Herbs.
Why are butterflies colourful?
Children looking at pink rose butterfly
Butterfly and moth wings aren't here just to look pretty. They rely on colour for sparring, courting, mating and hiding. Masters of disguise, they are able to copy animal faces, rolled-up leaves and even snakes. 
Visit this Easter
This Easter we have plenty of things to sink your teeth into, with dinosaur-themed activities running throughout the school holidays. Kids can complete our 'Stego-jigsaw-rus', discover dino footprints and get hands-on with real specimens.
Family of meerkats
Win a hot-air balloon flight
Win a hot-air balloon flight for a family of up to five people with our free prize draw. Take to the sky and enjoy your very own butterfly's-eye view of the English countryside.
Family of meerkats
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