Friday 19 April 2019

Royal Museums Greenwich - Discover the history of tea on National Tea Day

Royal Museums Greenwich

On the tea run
On Sunday 21 April, National Tea Day celebrates one of our nation’s most beloved institutions – the cup of tea!

As home to the world’s sole surviving tea clipper, Cutty Sark, we have a long history with the country’s favourite brew. Did you know that the ship was made to carry out one of the world’s greatest tea runs? Built 150 years ago, Cutty Sark was designed for speed; carrying its precious cargo from China to the U.K. as fast as possible.
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Cutty Sark and the tea trade
Cutty Sark was designed and built, from top to bottom, to win the tea races. It could hold around 10,000 tea chests, which would have had a value of around £6 million in today’s money.
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