Sunday 16 June 2019

Natural History Museum - Discover: photography tips | quirky seahorses

Astrophotography tips for shooting the Moon
Moon phases
While plenty of people having been enjoying gazing upon and taking a few snaps of Luke Jerram's Museum of the Moon in our Jerwood Gallery, taking a good photo of the real thing can be tricky.

Discover how to photograph the Moon to get the best shots that capture brilliant detail.
Stories from the Museum and the natural world
A yellow seahorse
Are seahorses the ocean's quirkiest fish?
With armoured bodies, curly tails and limited swimming ability, seahorses are a group of fish quite unlike any other.
Hands arranging small yellow flowers
Video: How to press flowers
Follow our simple instructions to prepare pressed flowers for craft projects or create your own herbarium.
An erythrite specimen in the Museum's collection
Scarce metals and greenhouse gas goals
To meet UK electric car targets for 2050, we would need just under twice the current annual world cobalt production.
Ocean waves
What does it take to study the ocean?
Much of the ocean remains unexplored, but Museum scientists are helping to unravel the mysteries of the world beneath the waves.