Saturday, 9 November 2019

The Cinema Museum - Kennington Bioscope presents DeMille DaySaturday 16 November

Kennington Bioscope presents DeMille Day

Saturday Nov 16th
Kennington Bioscope presents Demille Day Sat 16th November 10.00-22.00
On 16 November 2019 the Kennington Bioscope is holding a Cecil B DeMille Day at the Cinema Museum in London, in honour of the great director who started out in the silent era. The programme for the day has been curated by Kevin Brownlow and includes prints from his own 16mm collection. All the silent films will have live piano accompaniment, from Lillian Henley, John Sweeney and Colin Sell.
In this Silent London blog, Kevin introduces his highlights of the day and DeMille himself. As well as five features, starring amongst others, Gloria Swanson and Mary Pickford, the day will include a 'blooper reel' of on-set mishaps, and Kevin's 2004 documentary, Cecil B. DeMille: American Epic.
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