Thursday 30 June 2016

London Zoo - Adorable tiger cubs born

Tiger cubs 
Two critically endangered Sumatran tigers born at Tiger Territory
We are delighted to announce the birth of two critically endangered Sumatran tiger cubs at ZSL London Zoo. The adorable twin cubs are yet to open their eyes and have remained largely tucked together inside their cubbing den in the off show area, but you catch a glimpse of the tiny tigers in our exclusive video. At ZSL Whipsnade Zoo we’re also celebrating the arrival of four baby dwarf crocodiles.

You may have also heard that some prehistoric giants have been making their way to ZSL Whipsnade Zoo. From 23 July, you will be able to visit our newest exhibit Zoorassic Park where you can come face to face with 8 life-size animatronic dinosaurs as well as take part in fossil digging and learning all about these fascinating creatures that lived 65 million years ago.