Saturday 4 June 2016

The Nice Guys - Film Synopsis - Poster and Trailer

1970s Los Angeles, and hired enforcer and detective Jackson Healy (Russell Crowe) is going about his business, delivering messages with his fists at the request of his paying clientele.
One such unlucky victim is Holland March (Ryan Gosling), a Private Investigator who’s been rather down on his luck of late – and things only get worse when Healy turns up on his door ready to deliver a couple of sucker punches.
But when Healy is later appointed by a concerned mother (Kim Basinger), who also happens to work for the Department of Justice, regarding her missing daughter, Amelia, he must team up with a decent PI to assist him in solving the case. Much to his surprise, he gets a couple of trusty recommendations for none other than Holland March…
The unlikely pair must work together to solve the case as well as investigate the seemingly unrelated death of a famous porn star. But as the duo delve deeper into the mystery, they soon find themselves uncovering a bizarre conspiracy.
This 70s cop mystery is brought to the big screen by writer/director Shane Black – the mind behind 1987’s buddy cop action film Lethal Weapon and as well as 2005’s witty, off-beat mystery Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (2005) and, more recently, Iron Man 3 (2013). Black co-wrote the script for The Nice Guys alongside newcomer Anthony Bagarozzi.