Thursday 23 June 2016

BBC Audience - Join Dr John Cooper Clarke as he records his new show for BBC Radio 4

Dr John Cooper Clarke at the BBC
The Bard of Salford has lived a full and fascinating life. He's spent the last three decades distilling his experiences into some of the funniest and most accessible poetry of the past 50 years and his work is as relevant as ever, recently featuring on albums by the Arctic Monkeys and Plan B; on numerous TV shows including The Sopranos and even popping up in the GCSE syllabus.

Dr John Cooper Clarke at the BBC will find Britain's foremost alternative national treasure doing what he does best; cracking jokes, telling stories and performing verse from his legendary back catalogue of world class poetry.

"We comedians looked at him as someone who'd been there and done that, if he never wrote a poem in his life he'd still be a star as a stand-up." Arthur Smith

"1979 or 1980 people became aware of the alternative comedy thing happening - Alexei Sayle, Rik Mayall, The Comic Strip - but people do forget there was someone ahead of the curve there: it was John Cooper Clarke." Stewart Lee

"He was a huge inspiration for me." Bill Bailey

"I wouldn't denigrate him by calling him just a comedian. He does more than comedy, he transcends it." Steve Coogan

Dates: Saturday 2 & 9 July
Venue: BBC Radio Theatre
Doors open: 8.15pm
Recording starts: 8.30pm

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