Saturday 25 February 2017

The Cinema Museum - TCM events - Somewhere In The Night, Through The Wall, The Rough Assembly Talks

Somewhere In The Night March 15th, Through The Wall March 18th, The Rough Assembly Talks March 19th

Kennington Noir Presents; Somewhere In The Night
Weds March 15th @ 7:30pm
A soldier returns from WWII with his memory playing tricks on him. Drifting up out of coma in a military hospital, he can’t figure out why everybody calls him George Taylor. Only two letters offer clues to who he is: one from a vindictive girl he ditched, the other apparently from an old pal, Larry Cravat. Without much to go on, he heads to Los Angeles to track down Cravat. But as he skulks through the city’s dark demimonde (Turkish baths, mobbed-up nightclubs, phony spiritualist parlors, insane asylums), he’s quick to learn that other people don’t want Cravat found. Yet he finds allies in club canary Nancy Guild, her boss Richard Conte, and police detective Lloyd Nolan. He also finds that the reason for all the violence unleashed against and around him is $2 million in missing Nazi money. Cravat proves both elusive and uncomfortably close…
With a supporting programme and a short intro from Kulraj Phullar, lecturer in film noir from King’s College London.
Advance tickets are £6 and can be purchased direct from the Museum by calling 020 7840 2200 during office hours or click below to purchase via Billetto.
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South Social screening of Through the Wall (The Wedding Date) (2016) Sat 18th March @ 6pm
South Social presents Through the Wall (2016), also known as The Wedding Plan and Laavor et Hakir, directed by Rama Burshtein. Diversity in religion, gender, country and mentality. How much do you know about ultra-Orthodox Jews? This is the right time to find out. Using a universal topic such as wedding, dating and all the rules that go with it.

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The following advance ticket prices apply; Advance tickets £20 (with dinner £30). Students, under-25s and seniors with valid ID £15.  Tickets may be purchased via Billetto
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The Rough Assembly Talks Sunday March 19th @ 2:30pm

An event for Assistants Editors, Apprentice Editors, Trainees and Runners to come and participate in two panel discussions with senior Assistant Editors and 1st Assistant Editors about working in film and television.

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