Friday 28 April 2017

FORTNUM & MASON - Peek Inside our NEW Hampers.

Say hello to FOUR new hampers!
At Fortnum's, we've been creating extraordinary hampers and gift baskets ever since the first monogrammed F&M picnic wickers were dispatched from Piccadilly in the 1730s. Three centuries ago, ours were the original wickers. And three centuries later, they're the best.

Discover FOUR new Fortnum's creations today, each filled with delicious things - just as they always have been - including our newest creation, The Cook Book Hamper.

The perfect wicker for all who fancy themselves something of a chef, it's filled with every scrumptious necessity: Smoked Salmon, Beef Extract, Potted Rarebit and, of course, our very own Cook Book. Let the feasting commence!