Monday 17 April 2017

Natural History Museum - Your behind-the-scenes peek into the Museum

Your behind-the-scenes peek into the Museum
Bringing nature to life
A spectacular display of 38 pheasants will be coming home to roost on the second floor of the Museum’s main hall, when it reopens in the summer. Find out why the humble pheasant was chosen, and how Museum scientists prepared the birds for display.
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Blue whale skeleton
Scanning the blue whale
The blue whale has been cleaned and conserved before being suspended in the Museum's central space this summer. Now, find out how scanning and 3D-modelling the specimen is helping our understanding of the largest animal on the planet.
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Reindeer lungs
Redisplaying cabinets of curiosities
Resin deer lungs, a warthog and shells from HMS Endeavour are just a few of the curious specimens bound for a new Hintze Hall. Watch our video to get a sneak peek inside the displays.
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New reptile discovered
New reptile fossil discovery gives clues to dinosaur evolution
The discovery of a new species of ancient reptile means that current models of dinosaur origins will need to be revised. Find out more about the Teleocrater rhadinus.
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Mumbai leopard
Mumbai’s leopards caught on camera
In the centre of India's largest city, humans spend their days alongside big cats. Wildlife Photographer of the Year urban winner Nayan Khanolkar is documenting the extraordinary lives of urban leopards.
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