Tuesday 3 October 2017

Natural History Museum - Countdown to the new Wildlife Photographer of the Year

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Wildlife Photographer of the Year
Sewage surfer © Justin Hofman
When his co-worker spotted a seahorse floating alone near the surface of a reef in Indonesia, photographer Justin Hofman grabbed his camera and started shooting. 'At first I was just photographing a tiny, cute seahorse bobbing around in the water. It was a delightful scene,' he says. The seahorse then grasped a cotton bud that had drifted in with the debris. 

Justin's image, a finalist in the Wildlife Photojournalist category, is a stark reminder of the wide-reaching impact humans have on the planet, and particularly its small inhabitants.
The watchful cheetah © Leon Petrinos
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Highlighting the incredible range of life on Earth
Resplendent delivery © Tyohar Kastiel
Swim gym © Laurent Ballesta
From watching a pair of resplendent quetzals for a week in Costa Rica before getting that perfect shot, to diving under the ice in Antarctica. The finalists of Wildlife Photographer of the Year are passionate and patient photographers, capturing beautiful and startling moments of the natural world.

View some of the images on display in the new Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition.
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