Sunday 8 October 2017

Natural History Museum - Set sail on our oceans trail this half term

Let the trail begin...
Set sail on our oceans trail and take your family on a journey to explore 200 million years of life underwater. This trail should last approximately one hour.
1. Hintze Hall
Marvel at Hope, the giant diving blue whale skeleton that hangs from the ceiling, before wandering around our new displays to see a four-metre long blue marlin, seaweed display and giant Turbinaria coral.
2. Minerals
Here you can find many treasures found within the sea, such as coral. Look out for a coelacanth engraved on the walls of the gallery, a fish thought to be extinct, but found alive in the twentieth century.
Fossil Way
3. Fossil Marine Reptiles
These giant sea reptiles date back to the time of the dinosaurs and inspired the legends of sea dragons. Watch out for the Rhomaleosaurus, a giant marine reptile that fed on smaller reptiles.  
Giant clam
4. Lasting Impressions
Discover fossils that have stood the test of time, including a giant clam, a ripple slab made from 200 million year old tides, and an ammonite, a spiral shaped fossil that is related to squid.
Don't miss...
Thames whale
Whales: Beneath the surface
Dive into the extraordinary story of whales in our exhibition Whales: Beneath the surface. See over 100 specimens, discover how whales use song and play our echolocation game.

Before you go...
ocean souvenirs
Under the sea half-term treats
Make the most of this half term with gifts inspired by the ocean, specially chosen for little flippers.
Christmas at the Museum
Dino Snore for Kids Xmas special
Dino Snores for Kids - Christmas Special
Treat your kids to a magical start to the Christmas season at our special sleepover event. Filled with festive fun, kids can explore the Museum after dark and take part in educational activities as well as meet live reindeer and listen to a carol performance.