Sunday 8 October 2017

Whitechapel Gallery - What's On: October Films

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Big Ideas: Naeem Mohaiemen

What we mean when we ask permission 

Tue 10 Oct, 7pm | £9.50/7.50 concs

Artist Naeem Mohaiemen’s talk explores failed utopias of the political left and questions who has the right to narrate contested histories. 

Mohaiemen’s stand-out work at Documenta 14 Tripoli Cancelled (2017), a meditation on the migrant experience, features in the London Film Festival. For his talk at Whitechapel Gallery, the artist offers a re-reading of his long-term project The Young Man Was (2006-), which explores the hope against experience that can be seen to pervade leftist movements.

Part of the Whitechapel Gallery’s ‘Big Ideas’ talk series – a platform for renowned speakers, from scholars and thinkers to curators and artists, to share and discuss their current research and work.

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Irene Solà
Thu 12 Oct, 7pm | £9.50/7.50 concs
Imagistic, sensory and intimate, the award-winning Catalan artist, poet and filmmaker Irene Solà presents a range of her short films alongside a special reading to mark the launch of Beast, her first poetry collection in English. Solà’s work investigates ideas of representation, communication, intimacy and storytelling. Book Now
Broadmead: The Movie
Thu 19 Oct, 7pm | £9.50/7.50 concs
Radiohead artist Stanley Donwood has colloborated with Mat Consume and musicians John Matthias and Jay Auborn to present us Broadmead: The Movie. The film, a bleak beauty, creates a concrete ghostscape of Debenhams and John Lewis that reminds us of a future we once had, now sold. Followed by live music. Book Now
Film After Film (ceaseless motion is followed by inexorable darkness)
Sat 21 Oct, 2-6pm | £12.50/10.50 concs

Fascinated by skewed futures, Finnish artist filmmaker Mika Taanila presents the major part of a London mid-career survey. Featuring a Q&A with the artist.
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Profit Motive and the Whispering Wind
Thu 26 Oct, 7pm | £9.50/7.50 concs

For his London retrospective, US film essayist John Gianvito’s 2007 work is a profound visual meditation on the progressive history of the United States as seen through cemeteries, historic plaques and markers. Book Now

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A Day with the Dead
Thu 2 Nov, 7pm | £9.50/7.50 concs
On the Mexican Day of the Dead, artist duo French and Mottershead’s remarkable audio work on the afterlife of the body leads an evening of films, conversation and poetry. This marks the one event in existence that everyone will finally attend. Book Now
Palestine Now: Documents of a Disappearance 1917-2017
Sat 4 Nov, 11.30-6pm | £15/12.50 concs
Marking 100 years since the Balfour Declaration took Palestinians’ fate out of Palestinian hands, this day-long event traces the legacy of colonialism - through film, readings, and special guest presentations. Book Now

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How to Curate the Moving Image
Fri 27 Oct, £195/150 concs
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