Wednesday 1 May 2019

Museum of London - Explore London's Secret Rivers this May

Secret Rivers
Opens Fri 24 May at Museum of London Docklands

Bring the whole family to uncover the secrets of London's lost or lesser known rivers.

Check out artefacts discovered around these rivers, along with art, photography and film to reveal the ways in which London grew up around these amazing waterways.

See if there's a secret river near your home and learn about what it meant to London.
Secret Rivers events at the Museum of London Docklands
Secret Rivers map
Mon 27 & Wed 29 May, 12-1.30pm, 2.30-4pm
Museum of London Docklands
Search for secrets across London's rivers!

Have the kids become archaeologists and dig into a mystery box to discover its secrets. Using a giant map of London's rivers, discover where your finds came from.
Thames' treasures today
Tue 28 & Wed 29 May, 11am-12.30pm, 1.30-3pm
Museum of London Docklands
Join us for a creative family workshop to make a piece of jewellery influenced by Yantra Hindu designs, some of which have been found in the river Thames.

What else is on at the Museum of London Docklands
Museum of London Docklands
Explore the dark alleyways of London's Sailortown, our eerie, atmospheric recreation of a Victorian London district near the docks.

The family can explore shops, taverns and get a taste for what a ramshackle London neighbourhood near the docks would have been like in this unique trip through time.

Interactive gallery exhibits
Museum of London Docklands
Our galleries are now bursting with exciting new interactive exhibits and games which are perfect for teaching the little ones about London’s Docklands in a fun way.

Build a bridge, create a story with our magnet wall, or see if you’re tough enough to lift the barrow of our treadwheel, just like Londoners used to unload ships centuries ago!
What's on at the Museum of London
Beasts of London family festival
Sat 25 May & Sun 26 May, free drop in from 12pm
Museum of London
Join us for a festival of workshops, performances and stories around Beasts of London.

Create your own animated animal puppet show, discover the secrets of the Tower of London menagerie or get crafty with an animal mask. And make sure you keep your eyes peeled… You may spot some wandering characters in the galleries that need some encouragement before performing in an animal cabaret!
Beautiful birds sensory room

Tue 30 May, 10.30am-3pm
Museum of London
Surround yourself in birdsong in our baby sensory room inspired by the birds of London. Rummage through soft feathers and touch the clouds, as you imagine soaring high above the London skyline. There will also be a small craft activity for you to make something to play with at home.