Monday 20 May 2019

Thames Festival Trust - 18-25 year olds: join us by the river for #ThamesRising

We're looking for a panel of enthusiastic 18-25 year-olds to join us by the river in the lead up to Totally Thames. Those who take part will get behind the scenes access to our lead installation for this year The Ship of Tolerance by renowned artists Ilya and Emilia Kabokov. Deadline Friday 14 June.
Time to get nostalgic: we want to hear from you about how Barking felt and smelt in the past
What did Barking smell like in days gone by? As part of our new heritage project The Barking Stink, we are inviting people to get in touch and share their memories with us at reminiscence sessions, oral history interviews and more. If you have memories of Barking's industrial past, and how it 'reeked' havoc on the area's stench, get in touch now. 
The planet is spinning off its axis. Divided, we will fall. A medley of compelling spoken word performances, Rallying Cry offers the stage to some of the country’s most outspoken artists to address the state of the nation and imagine a better tomorrow. Joelle Taylor, Chiedu Oraka, Zena Edwards and Francesca Beard perform newly commissioned work on the theme of protest. With music from South London DJ Conrad Kira. 
With over 130 performances from artists from around the world, Greenwich and Docklands International Festival is packed full of spectacular and unforgettable outdoor performances that are free and open for everyone to enjoy. Check out the full programme now.