Tuesday 28 May 2019

Natural History Museum - Discover: seal survival story | remarkable photos

A remarkable career looking nature in the eye
Lionesses at twilight © Frans Lanting
Wildlife Photographer of the Year recently honoured Frans Lanting, with the inaugural Lifetime Achievement Award. It is the characteristic empathy, groundbreaking eye-level perspective and unique ability to capture the inner-life of his subjects that consistently wins Frans so many accolades. Discover more about his career and captivating photographs.
Stories from the Museum and the natural world
An elephant seal
Elephant seals: a giant survival story
Every year the Marine Mammal Center in California saves the lives of hundreds of seal pups. We went behind the scenes at the specialist hospital to hear about seals, science and smoothies.
A loch-side walk in Knapdale
360° Scottish beaver trail
Join us on a 360° loch-side walk in Knapdale to look for signs of beavers, an animal which has been successfully reintroduced to Scotland. Learn more about these ecosystem engineers.
A cockchafer May bug
How to identify a cockchafer May bug
Have you encountered this charming-looking beetle? It has a hairy body and orange, fan-like antennae and eats roots. Watch the video to find out more.
Sir Hans Sloane's nautilus shell on display in the Treasures gallery
12 highlights of the Treasures gallery
A royal lion skull, a Moon rock, a famous gorilla, even Darwin's pigeons: uncover some of the most extraordinary specimens in our collection.