Monday 26 October 2020

British Museum Families - Family fun from the Museum | Harvest season


Child in an allotment

This half-term week the Schools and Young Audiences team at the Museum will be bringing you ideas to play, design and more so you can #MuseumFromHome

This week we are exploring the Harvest Season! 


[Harvest home greeting card Image 2]

Harvest gathering

Age 3+
Material: Household items 

The word ‘harvest’ comes from the Old English word hรฆrfest meaning ‘autumn’ – the season for gathering the food of the land.

Can you gather autumn vegetables in your house? 

What vegetables are there that are typically ‘autumnal’? Do you have any potatoes or carrots? Or even a pumpkin?   


Part of a series of illustrations of an account of a voyage to the moon: pumpkins serving as living quarters safe from wild beasts. 1768

Pumpkin house

Age 5+
Materials: Paper, pens, crayons

In the Museum collection there’s an 18th-century print of a pumpkin house. It’s part of a series of illustrations accompanying an account of a voyage to the moon, in which pumpkins served as living quarters where you were safe from wild beasts.  

Can you create your own drawing of a pumpkin house? How many windows does it have? Who lives there? Is it orange or a different colour? For older children, you could create your own story about your pumpkin house.


Wooden model of a man ploughing with oxen.

Ancient Egyptian farming


Did you know that the annual flooding of the River Nile was essential in ancient Egypt? Farming on the Nile was very important to sustaining life, and when the great river flooded (and did until 1970) between June and September or October, it left behind fertile soil that was perfect for growing crops. 

Learn more about ancient Egypt using this resource and see how objects can bring farming to life.  

If you’re interested in ancient Egypt, visit us at the Museum this half-term, – our ancient Egypt galleries are now open. Book your free tickets here.

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