Tuesday 27 October 2020

High octane skateboarding documentary 'Woolf Women' debuts at Raindance Film Festival


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Woolf Women Trailer 2020
27th October, London, UK - The start of Raindance Film Festival tomorrow, marks the first time producer Marchella De Angelis and Co-Director, Jenny Schauerte share their debut feature length documentary Woolf Women with the world. 
Woolf Women, which follows 5 female downhill skateboarders on a crazy journey will be available to watch for the duration of the festival (28th October to 7th November) in the Female Gaze category. 

Woolf Women's festival debut at Raindance comes at an exciting time for the sport, with skateboarding recently finding its place in the Olympics and skateboard sales going through the roof, as young people around the globe took up the new hobby during lockdown.
The documentary features world ranking downhill skateboarder Jenny Jungle and friends, on their 10,000km round trip from London to the Pontic Mountains, with just their skateboards, two vans and the bare essentials. The trip was inspired by a chance encounter with entrepreneur Marchella De Angelis, when Jenny was at a low ebb in her life, having lost her father. His sudden and unexpected death found her struggling with depression, which lead to her losing her job and home and subsequently being forced to live in her VW camper van.

Finding a friend in Jenny and identifying with her feeling of being at a loose end, Marchella sets a challenge for Jenny and her friends to travel to the ancient monastery of Sumela, built in AD386.
Clinging precariously to a vertical rock face with a terrifying sheer drop of 1,280 metres, Sumela is located deep in the Pontic mountains, with a treacherous route that has never been travelled by board before. 
However, shortly before their departure, Jenny meets with another major unexpected calamity.
With the unforeseen captured on film, the adventure features exciting skate scenes, interesting conversation and stunning scenery.

Marchella says, “Woolf Women expands on the futuristic self-filming ethos of Gen Z, and I am delighted that Raindance gave us the opportunity to screen this offbeat and unconventional Visual Chronicle “
The film will be available to watch for free during Raindance Film Festival here: https://cinema.raindance.org/film/woolf-women/