Thursday 15 October 2020

National Army Museum - British Forces in Germany and the story of the Unknown Warrior


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Foe to Friend: The British Army in Germany since 1945

12 September 2020 - 1 July 2021


More than a million British soldiers have lived and served in Germany over the past 75 years. Immerse yourself in their stories and follow their evolution from conquerors and occupiers to allies and friends.

After the Second World War, the Army helped rebuild a devastated and divided nation. It provided protection during the Cold War, and later used Germany as a base from which to deploy troops across the world. Discover everyday tales of beer, bratwurst and family life set against intriguing accounts of espionage and military training on a massive scale in our free exhibition.  


Upcoming events

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Britain's Black Regiments: Fighting for Empire and Equality

16 October 2020, 12.00pm


Join Barry Renfrew as he shines a light on the experiences of West Indian soldiers who served in the British Army.

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Spy Princess: The Life of Noor Inayat Khan

23 October 2020, 12.00pm


Join Shrabani Basu as she recounts the riveting story of Noor Inayat Khan, who served as a British secret agent during the Second World War.

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Jason Fox: Life Under Fire

23 October 2020, 6.30pm


Jason Fox, veteran of the Special Boat Service, reflects on his military operations and explores how anyone can build the strength and resilience of an elite soldier.

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The Selection of the Unknown Warrior

30 October 2020, 12.00pm


Curator Justin Saddington uncovers the remarkable events at the heart of our exhibition, ‘Buried Among Kings: The Story of the Unknown Warrior’.


Buried Among Kings 

Unknown Warrior

Buried Among Kings: The Story of the Unknown Warrior

20 October 2020 - 14 February 2021


One hundred years ago, the Unknown Warrior was laid to rest in Westminster Abbey. Our new exhibition tells the story of this symbolic memorial dedicated to the British service personnel who died during the First World War.


The British Army in Germany

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The Army and the occupation of Germany

Following their victory over Nazi Germany in May 1945, the Allies were faced with occupying and administering a country in ruins. British soldiers had a leading role in this, and had to learn to live and work alongside their former enemies.

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Active Edge: The Army, Germany and the Cold War

In 1945, British troops occupied Germany alongside their wartime Soviet allies. But in the years that followed, growing tension between East and West evolved into the Cold War, prompting a more defensive role for those garrisoned in West Germany. 


Play Base

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Welcome back to Play Base!

We're really pleased that our innovative, immersive, play area is open once again. We've put in place some new measures and changes to ensure that it continues to be safe and fun. 


Half-term fun

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Robot Coding Challenge

27 - 31 October 2020


Code your robot to cross enemy territory and complete an important mission in this half-term family workshop, suitable for children aged 7+.

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Bird Brains and Bullet-proof Vests

27 - 29 October 2020


Explore the science behind some of the First World War’s unusual inventions in this interactive family show, suitable for children aged 7+.