Thursday 14 July 2022

Imitate Modern - Available | New works by Tyler Shields


New | 'Swans II', 'The Girl with the Broken Suitcase' by Tyler Shields
Swans II (2022), Edition of three, available in four sizes. 
Tyler Shields’s work moves through the complexes and layers of the “celebrity” sphere, into an inherently tangible vision of the portrait in the 21st-century. What does it mean to be alive in the 21st century? How does it look? How will it look in the future? No stranger to controversy, he is certainly not afraid to shock his viewers in his artistic attempt to convey his answers to such questions. His photographs are iconic and are making their mark in the history of photography.

With international acclaim as a photographer cemented, Shields has stretched his artistic endeavors even further to write and publish several books, including The Dirty Side of Glamour, The Smartest Man, and Provocateur. The past year has been especially impressive for Shields, as he collaborated on a limited-edition merchandise collection with Urban Outfitters, created an evocative documentary with YouTube Red, and many of his photographs have been auctioned off at Sotheby’s.
The Girl with the Broken Suitcase (2022). Edition of three, available in four sizes.  
The Mystery of the Dancing Twins (2022). Edition of three, available in four sizes.  
Ferrari Rope Pull (2022). Edition of three, available in four sizes.  

The 6 x 6 Portfolio is a unique collector's portfolio with images spanning Tyler's various series. Each of the 15 silver gelatin photographs was shot on a Hassalblad camera and the 21.59cm print is mounted on Museum Quality Rag Board. Only 33 of these portfolios will ever be made.