Saturday 2 July 2022

Transport for London - Join us at this year's historic Pride celebrations


TfL staff in Pride parade

Celebrate Pride's 50th anniversary with us

London hosts the biggest Pride event in the UK on 2 July, marking 50 years of Pride London. We're proud to have been part of the Pride parade since 2006, and this year is no exception. An iconic electric bus will accompany TfL marchers under banners of the Women, Faith, RACE, Carers, Parent and Guardians, and Disability Staff Network groups as well as the LGBT+ banner to highlight the many aspects of the LGBT+ communities of London. 

The celebrations don't stop there as the capital will host four live music stages - in Trafalgar Square, Leicester Square, Golden Square and the Soho Stage on Dean Street - all easy to access on our network. Combined, they'll showcase 100 joyful performers, including much-loved stars and famous faces from the LGBT+ community.

You can tell us what you're up to, and help spread Pride's positive energy, by tagging @TfL on your social media accounts. From Camden to Southbank, there are events all across London and we're here to take you there.

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Fact of the day

Polari is a code language used by some members of LGBT+ communities to converse discreetly - You will find a collection of posters which include this language across our network as well as a range of stories from our LGBT+ communities and businesses. Through these stories, we hope to highlight the diverse communities in London it serves daily and how public transport connects LGBT+ communities. 

Human lives cannot be explained by single categories, such as race, sexual orientation or gender. We are proud to support those who've given their voice to advance LGBT+ rights around the world. 
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Plan your Pride with TfL Go

Wherever you're celebrating around London, our TfL Go app is the only travel app you need. We'll get you to where you need to be with real-time maps and status updates across our beloved Tubes, trains and buses, as well as the best walking and cycling routes.