Monday 25 July 2016

Kew Gardens introduces the Science Festival

Kew is holding an inaugural festival to celebrate the years of ground breaking discoveries and life changing work of Kew scientists.

The three day festival is filled with activities all the family can enjoy, highlighting the importance of plant and fungal research, as well as the need for conservation.

With over 15 interactive areas, become a scientist for a day and discover the cutting edge research that happens behind the scenes.
Plants that bite!
Delve into the deadly depths of plants that bite back with special demonstrations and talks from experts.
Get hands on!
-DNA testing
-Science research
and more...
Help Kew scientists begin pioneering research
For the first time ever, scientists at Kew are crowdfunding to enable pioneering research into the Aloe vera plant – once rumoured to have been a staple in Cleopatra’s beauty regime. If the £7,000 target is secured, Kew scientists will be able to unlock the wide reaching benefits of aloes to humankind. The campaign is running until 3 August 2016