Sunday 17 July 2016

Tempted? - Fortnum and Mason - Kir Royale, Classic Champagne or Summer Cup - Popsicles - Box of 10

An effervescent combination of crisp, bubbly Champagne and tart blackcurrant English Cassis makes these Kir Royale Popsicles the perfect grown-up frozen treat for a hot summer's day. A most scrumptious accompaniment for your sunshine-filled picnic, these box of ten pops are ideal for sharing, or devouring yourself. 

Perfect for celebrations with friends and loved ones, the Kir Royale Champagne Popsicles contains 4.4% ABV.

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Kir Royale Popsicles, Box of 10Summer Cup Popsicles, Box of 10

Classic Champagne Popsicles, Box of 10