Monday 16 April 2018

The Cinema Museum - Chaplionia, Misty Moon, Kennington Noir, Kevin Brownlow, David Lean Cinema

Chaplinoia May 10th, Misty Moon May 12th, Kennington Noir May 16th & Kevin Brownlow Film Night May 19th plus Dawson City: Frozen Time at the David Lean Cinema, Croydon May 29th
Chaplinoia Event with author Chris England, Thursday May 10th @ 6:30pm
Old Street Publishing invites you to a talk and screening to celebrate the publication of Chris England’s new book Chaplinoia.
1917. As war rages in Europe, the F.B.I. are hunting the killer of Charlie Chaplin. Chaplin’s career has criss-crossed with the rise of film to make him the first global star. Chaplin-fever rages: Charlie dolls, lookalike contests, even the tramps are copying the look immortalised in ‘The Tramp’. There are Chaplins everywhere.
English comedian Arthur Dandoe is on the run, sick with his own kind of Chaplin-fever. His bitter rivalry with Chaplin, stretching back to their early days in music hall, has spun out of control. It’s lost him his career, his family, now it could lose him his life. Luckily for Arthur, there’s a war to hide in. With East and West Coast studios slugging it out, the early days of the flickers are a dirty battleground, where bribing, spying, and outright fakery forge the careers of many a later legend.  Find out more here.

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Misty Moon presents; The Bill Reunion 2, Saturday 12th May @: 8pm
After the success of The BillReunion: Coppers vs Villains in September, Misty Moon is bringing back Sun Hill’s finest to The Cinema Museum in May 2018.
Misty Moon’s MC Linda Regan, who has appeared in several episodes of The Bill, will be chairing the Q&A. There will be a meet and greet after the Q&A where the guests will also be taking part in a paid signing.

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Kennington Noir presents; 9 River Street (1953), Wednesday 16th May @ 7:30pm 
Kennington Noir presents 99 River Street (1953), directed by Phil Karlson and starring John Payne and Evelyn Keyes.
Our Kennington Noir strand continues to bring you the best of the lesser-seen films noirs from the classic Hollywood post-war period. In this instalment, director Phil Karlson (Kansas City Confidential (1952), Scandal Sheet (1952)) delivers a fast-paced movie full of New York’s downtown night dwellers, from hoodlums and hustlers to philanderers and insomniacs. John Payne (The Crooked Way (1949)) plays Ernie Driscoll, an ex-boxer who, to coin a phrase, “coulda bin a contender”, but who didn’t quite make it, and instead has ended up driving cabs for a living. He’s unhappily married to floozy Pauline (Peggie Castle), who is secretly dating a trigger-happy jewel thief. The man she’s seeing, Vic Rawlins (Brad Dexter), is a career criminal with both the police and his former partners after him, and he sees Ernie as the perfect fall-guy. The cops and Rawlins’ criminal associates are soon closing in on Ernie, while he tries desperately — with the help of his gal pal Linda (Evelyn Keyes) — to buy the time he needs to unravel this nightmare.
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Kevin Brownlow Film Night, Saturday May 19th @ 7:30pm
The Cinema Museum is delighted to welcome Kevin Brownlow to another of our popular ‘Desert Island Flicks’.
As a patron of the Cinema Museum and leading light in the Kennington Bioscope, Kevin needs little introduction. His career has a host of achievements in many fields: film collector; film director – It Happened Here (1964), Winstanley (1975); editor – The Charge of the Light Brigade (1968); film historian in print – The Parade’s Gone By (1968), David Lean (1996) – and on television – Hollywood (1979); and as a film restorer, most notably of Abel Gance’s epic Napoléon (1927). In nominating him for an honorary Academy Award for lifetime achievement in 2010, Martin Scorsese described him as “a giant among film historians and preservationists, known and justifiably respected throughout the world for his multiple achievements”.
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Dawson City: Frozen Time (2016) at The David Lean Cinema, Croydon,
Tuesday 29 May 2018 @ 7:30pm
In 1978, a treasure trove of silent film reels was discovered in the Yukon permafrost. Explaining how it got there, Morrison weaves together the fascinating tales of Dawson City – born in the chaotic Gold Rush of the 1890s – the birth of the movie industry and the wider history of the early 20th century, showcasing dazzling images from those formerly-lost movies to a stirring soundtrack by Alex Somers (Captain Fantastic). “An instantaneously recognizable masterpiece” (New York Times). Show starts at 7.30 pm, ticket prices £8.50 & £7.00 (concessions).
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