Thursday 21 March 2019

Natural History Museum - Discover: first signs of spring | a baby beaver rescued

Our favourite signs of spring
A butterfly amongst blossom
Springtime can really lift the spirits. From shoots bursting through the soil, to an eruption of animal activity, the sights and sounds of the natural world 'waking up' or starting afresh surround us. The exuberance of nature is contagious.

Here are the signs of spring that Museum British wildlife experts like to look out for.
Stories from the Museum and the natural world
A video showing how to build a bird feeder
Building a bird feeder
Follow our simple guide to building a bird feeder for your garden from a reused plastic bottle, and discover more about the nature on your doorstep.

Fox Meets Fox. ©Matthew Maran
When wildlife imitates art
'I grabbed my gear. My belly was going with nerves, and then sure enough she walked around the corner.'

Read more about Matthew Maran's love of foxes and his determination to change perceptions through photography.
The Orphaned Beaver © Suzi Eszterhas
A baby beaver given a fighting chance
This male beaver was found orphaned on a riverbank near a campsite - he was just a baby and weighed about a kilogramme. Discover more about this creature's story.

A polar bear with her cub
How do polar bears stay warm?
Polar bears are well known for their white fur, which makes them almost invisible on the Arctic Sea ice, where it can drop to far below -30°C. Find out how they stay warm in such low temperatures.
The supermoon
What is a supermoon?
Did you catch the supermoon lighting up the night sky in February?

With another one tonight, find out exactly what a supermoon is and what makes it shine so brightly.