Monday 25 March 2019

BBC Audience - Join BBC Radio 4 for a brand new one-off comedy show starring Anneka Rice

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The Clemmie Hart Years
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A brand new one-off comedy show starring Anneka Rice.
When Anneka was fired by her agent, she needed to find a replacement, and fast. So she employed Clemmie Hart - smart, sassy, efficient and popular. But Clemmie had a secret... she didn't actually exist.
In this show, Anneka will confess all as she lifts the lid on this elaborate hoax - which ended up getting completely out of hand.
It turns out that being Clemmie Hart was more complicated than it looked.
Tickets will be allocated by random draw.
You can register at any time until 10pm on Tuesday 2 April.
You can apply for a maximum of two tickets.

Date: Sunday 28 April
Venue: The Backyard Comedy Club, London
Doors open: 6.45pm
Recording starts: 7pm

To register for tickets visit

**Please note that photographic ID is required for entry to ALL recordings. Visit our FAQs to see what is accepted.**

Good luck!

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