Monday 4 March 2019

Royal Museums Greenwich - Who were the first women in space? 🚀

Royal Museums Greenwich

Who were the first women in space?
We all know of Yuri Gagarin and Neil Armstrong, but what about the first women to travel in space? Read about Valentina Tereshkova, the Soviet cosmonaut who launched on a solo mission aboard the shuttle Vostok 6 in 1963 and other women who travelled in space.

This Women's History Month we're celebrating the explorers and pioneers of history - from Catharine Dowman, the suffragette who saved Cutty Sark, and Caroline Herschel, the first woman to become a paid astronomer in the UK to Elizabeth I, who was born at the site of the Queen's House in Greenwich.
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   What's On in Greenwich  
Silver Screen Science Fiction
From 2 March
Watch epic sci-fi movies on the big screen of the Royal Observatory planetarium, followed by a talk on the science behind the fiction by an astronomer.

Don't miss this weekend's screening of Mad Max: Fury Road. 
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Space Dust: a mini symposium
8 March
What is the purpose of dust in our Universe?

Come and hear experts in astronomy discuss cutting-edge research on the formation of our Solar System, the development of life and the understanding of galaxies.
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Ships in the Night storytelling
15 March
Set sail on a storytelling adventure in a special evening event - strictly for adults.

Come with us as we explore Irish folktales to welcome in St Patrick's Day, as well as other enchanting myths and legends from around the British Isles. 
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Mat Collishaw's Mask of Youth
Until 17 March
It's your last chance to catch artist Mat Collishaw's show-stopping depiction of Elizabeth I at the Queen's House.

Discover the brand-new animatronic artwork opposite the iconic Armada Portrait. 
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How do you solve a problem like Captian Cook?
21 March
Join us to discuss the impact of Captain Cook’s voyages, 250 years after the Endeavour sailed across the Pacific Ocean.

Explore complex imperial histories and the legacies of European voyages to the Pacific. 
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Cutty Sark 150 Challenge
2 April
Join us for an evening quiz night celebrating the 150th year of Cutty Sark.

In this anniversary year, we are raising funds to protect and care for the ship, ensuring her legacy for future generations. All tickets for this event will support the Cutty Sark Future Fund.
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