Thursday, 14 March 2019

Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology - Book now: Creative writing at the Petrie Museum

Book now for a creative writing workshop at the Petrie Museum and be inspired by ideas of movement and migration

Join author and writing mentor Dr Sarah Walton for Migrating Words, a workshop drawing on the stories of people migrations across continents - from antiquity to the present day. You'll have the chance to work through short creative writing exercises using the Petrie Museum's world-class collection of objects spanning 7,000 years of history.

Everyone welcome. No previous experience required.

Migrating Words is at the Petrie Museum on Tue 19 March, 18:00. Tickets £5. Book here
Free events and exhibitions 
Free exhibition in the Octagon Gallery
Discover the stories of people, animals and objects in exile: from ancient treasures to communities and endangered species being driven from their homes today. Until 6 Oct
Free performance starting at the UCL portico steps
An original perfomance by young dancers from The Place, inspired by UCL museums. Booking essential in case of wet weather and change of venue. Thu 28 Mar, 18:00
Free exhibition at the Petrie Museum
Students from the world-renowned arts and design college respond to the theme of migration and movement of people, ideas, materials and trade. Coming soon 30 Apr - 1 Jun
See the full programme on our website.