Tuesday 23 November 2021


 Avallen partners with The Savoy Hotel and ecoSpirits to launch The Apiary, a light and bright honeyed-apple martini.

Planet-positive spirit, Avallen has worked alongside the legendary Savoy Hotel and ecoSPIRITS to design the ultimate autumnal cocktail – available exclusively at The Savoy.


Introducing The Apiary Cocktail, a light and bright, honeyed-apple martini designed to celebrate the change in the seasons. Developed as part of a revolutionary drive to improve sustainability within the industry, this delicious beverage made with the planet-positive spirit, Avallen Calvados, is the perfect option for those that enjoy a tipple but don’t want to give the planet a hangover.


The Apiary Cocktail has been carefully curated to change the way we think about sustainability within the spirits and hospitality industry, all the way from production to consumption. Avallen Calvados takes the centrepiece with its fresh, fruity, and apple flavour, and is perfectly paired with Dolin Genepi, honey, Tio Pepe Fino Sherry, and Celery Bitters, for the ultimate autumnal tasting experience.



What’s more, The Savoy has exclusively stocked Avallen in ecoTOTES in order to reduce the amount of single use glass bottles. Developed by ecoSPIRITS to help contribute to a sustainable future by ending single-use glass in the spirits industry, ecoTOTES provide a fully-reusable, tamper-proof, and shock-proof 4.5L glass vessel that replaces the standard 6-bottle case of spirits. After use, the ecoTOTES will be returned to a local ecoPLANT (small footprint, semi-automated facilities that process spirits by sanitising, refilling, and sealing ecoTOTES) for refilling, creating a closed loop.


Co-Founder of Avallen, Tim Etherington-Judge says: “Here at Avallen, we are entirely committed in tackling the climate crisis, in every way possible. This is why we consider the environment at every stage of production; from choosing apples as the raw material, to the reducing the amount of single use glass we use. Avallen is that delicious moment where sustainability and flavour converge. We strongly believe that you can still enjoy an alcohol drink, whilst doing good for the planet.”


Stephanie Jordan, Co-Founder of Avallen adds: “We’re immensely delighted to see The Savoy Hotel supporting us in our mission to tackle the climate emergency through stocking Avallen Spirits in their ecoTOTES. The Aviary is the perfect autumnal cocktail that tastes great on the palette, thanks to the fruity, apple tones – we’d highly recommend visitors to get their hands on a glass before they’re all gone! Happy sipping!”


The Aviary Cocktail is available only at The Savoy Hotel in the Beaufort Bar and in the Thames Foyer with afternoon tea.


To find out more about this exciting partnership, please visit the link HERE.