Monday 15 November 2021

The Postal Museum - A look at the post in wartime


Taking time to remember 

This Remembrance Sunday we're sharing stories from across our collection that commemorate the integral role of the postal service and its employees during wartime.

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Postcards from the Front: Harry Brown

Gain an insight into life during the First World War through a series of postcards sent from solider Harry Brown to his mother at home.

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Women and the home front 

With nearly a quarter of the workforce enlisted with the army, thousands of temporary workers were drafted in by the Post Office including 35,000 women in the first two years of the First World War.
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Second World War Salvage Squad

Despite the difficulties of war, the Post Office aimed to deliver all mail delayed by enemy action within 48 hours.

To help in this mission, Frederick G. Gurr established the GPO Rescue and Salvage Squad to rescue mail, money and supplies from Post Offices and letterboxes bombed in the City of London.

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Books of remembrance

Two books of remembrance for the 12,830 postal workers who died in the First and Second World Wars were handwritten by postal worker James Trezies, over three years in the mid-1950s. You can search these books online and add your own stories, as part of our GPO War Heroes project in partnership with the Post Office Fellowship of Remembrance.
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