Saturday 20 November 2021

FORTNUM & MASON - Stir It Up this Sunday! 🥄


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The Proof is in Our Pudding
Feet-up Sunday
Tomorrow is Stir-up Sunday, traditionally the day to prepare your Christmas pudding. And while we wholeheartedly support anyone who gets creative in the kitchen, maybe when it comes to your Christmas pudding – just maybe – you might decide to go with old faithful Fortnum’s.

We’ve been making them for rather a long time, you see. Agatha Christie even once name-checked us in her 1960 short story The Adventure of the Christmas Pudding, and there's no mystery as to why.

Handmade at every stage, ours are filled with the finest plump fruits, nuts and warming spices, and have a pleasingly boozy kick too. And if someone asks, 'Whodunnit?' we won't even mind if you take the credit.