Monday 29 November 2021

London Bridge does ‘Christmas by the River’

 Shopping trips, the way we all used to do them, can unearth some hidden gems ... But only if you go out and look.

YULETIDE IS upon us and with it comes the adventures of Christmas gifting.

As retailers dive into a discount frenzy, along the banks of the Thames, with iconic views of Tower Bridge, the City skyline and The Tower of London, ‘Christmas by the River’ offered a surprising a mellow respite, with woodland guardians and cabins filled with curiosities along the river path.

It’s worth casting our minds back twelve months and remembering what it was like to be stuck indoors missing that festive cheer that we have grown so used to, it was dire.

Yes, things are different a year on, very different, but we must take advantage of the small things, like shopping with the family, breathing in the crips winter air while taking in the sites of London (do wrap up, of course) and finding the fun in the festive fervour.

My six-year-old daughter is so fascinated by all of the Christmas lights and decorations that adorn every other tree and building it’s a humbling reminder of what she has yet to store in her long-term bank of memories.

She missed out last year. Like most of the world, everything was done online.

A five-minute walk from London Bridge station however, Christmas by the River returns to London breathing magic into the area.

Stretching from London Bridge City Pier to The Scoop at More London, a free festive market with gifts for all the family is open until next year, and includes a pop-up winter bar The Riverside Lodge located by The Scoop to get shoppers in the spirit.

Plan your trip and check out the alpine themed lodges which are fully heated and can be pre-booked in advance to entertain groups of friends.

If you want to chill for more than a few hours you can kick back and watch Christmas themed films or dance the night away by the sky lit River Thames, to live DJs until 10pm every night throughout the week.

We can confirm the food options are varied and most importantly good.

A number of traders serve dishes, including Aroma – Steak and Chips serving Brazilian food, Chilli Cha Cha serving Punjabi fast food, Nicholas Pitta dishing up slow-cooked Greek souvlaki, Burger & Fries providing gourmet street food, accompanied by Mexican Burrito, Pad Thai and The Aegean Deli.

A few traditional spiced mulled wines were supped over the short time chilling between shops but if you prefer a hot toddie, it can be arranged, all while overlooking the picturesque background of London’s finest skyline.

All events are free to enjoy