Monday 1 November 2021

Fortnum's Dream Worlds Christmas Windows 2021


When stepping into Fortnum's at Christmas, it can often feel like you've entered another world. A dreamlike world, where the extraordinary is brought to life by gleaming colourful caddies, rows upon rows of the most exquisite food and floors filled with endless, unmatched wonder. 


This year, we wanted our windows at Piccadilly to capture the magic that is Christmas at Fortnum’s. Each of our windows invites you into the dreams of different animals as they slumber, imagining worlds filled with all their favourite things. Gilded trees woven from wicker canopy giant hampers, hedgehogs ski down hills made of meringue with the aid of candy canes and owls canoe treacherous rivers of tea in a teacup. 


So take a sleigh ride down to Piccadilly, gaze at our magnificent windows and escape the ordinary this Christmas. 

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