Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Imitate Modern Summer Round-Up

Tyler Shields, Girls At The Beach

Summer 2017 Round-Up

Our Top Highlights

As the penultimate chapter of summer is slowly coming to an end (*sigh*). We thought we would round-up and reflect back on some of our top highlights that took place this summer. We also have very exciting news to share for our upcoming plans and projects for Autumn 2017.  Make sure you stay tuned for more announcements! 
David Bowie "UNSEEN" by Tony McGee at Warner Music Group UK

Tony McGee's solo show David Bowie "UNSEEN" travelled to Warner Music Group HQ! The event was a huge success with a great turn out. It was also an absolute honour to have the show exhibited at the infamous multinational entertainment and record label. Warner Music is in fact the home of David Bowie's music catalogue (except for the last four albums). It was also a fantastic opportunity to hear Tony McGee's stories of Bowie in the exclusive Q&A with Julian Stockton (journalist and publicist for David Bowie). 
Q&A with Tony McGee and Julian Stockton
Tony McGee's David Bowie Photograph Featured in the Midsummer Ball 

Held at Banqueting House in London on 7th June 2017, Simon Cowell hosted a spectacular Midsummer Ball for Together for Short Livesto support and help the UK's most seriously ill children and their families. This year, the ball raised a staggering amount of £165,000,00! Furthermore, Simon Cowell bought the Tony McGee, David Bowie Warms Up photograph featured in our exhibition! 
Tony McGee, David Bowie Warms Up (1990)
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Oliver Dunsch Wins Photography Competition at Mayfair & St. James's Summer Garden Party 

In June, we exhibited at the Mayfair & St. James's Summer Garden Party, which took place at Mount Street Gardens. We were extremely delighted that one of our artists, Oliver Dunsch who took part in the Mayfair In Focus Photography Competition won with his entry 'Love Swings by in Mayfair'.
Oliver Dunsch, Love Swings by in Mayfair 
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Nick Waplington at COYA Angel Court

We are very proud to present British artist, Nick Waplington's artworks at the newly opened COYA Angel Court. Expect an exuberantly decorated dining room serving light & bright Peruvian dishes and being immersed in Waplington's colourful abstract works which fit in beautifully with vibrant atmosphere of the restaurant in the heart of the City.

To learn more about Nick Waplington, visit his artist page.
Nick Waplington, No Light Only Darkness
Visible II
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New Mural by Stik in New York 

Paying tribute to the generations of migrant communities who have made the Lower East Manhattan their home, British street artist Stikhas created 'Migrant', a seven storey mural depicting a figure emerging nervously onto Allen Street, also known as Avenue of Immigrants. The figure, painted in Stik's signature six lines and two dots for eyes is an everyman, highlighting our universal need to be accepted.  
'Migrant' by Stik in New York
Rich Simmons is the Artist Behind Croydon's Princess Diana Mural 

Speculation was rife online with debate about the authenticity of the new Princess Diana Muraland whether it could be by the notorious Banksy. However, Croydon-based artist Rich Simmons, is in fact the mastermind behind the new mural of Princess Diana. The artist explains the meaning behind the piece: "Princess Diana is locked away in the tower waiting for her prince but the only people chasing her are the paparazzi." Rich Simmons has also created a canvas version of the Princess Diana mural in order to show the details on canvas, since the tower piece is 12 metres high! 
Rich Simmons, Princess Diana Mural 
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Autumn 2017 Announcements
Imitate Modern at the Moniker Art Fair 2017

We are very excited to be participating at the Moniker Art Fair second year in a row! The theme for our showcase will be Re:Creations. In this exhibition our artists CB HoyoOliver DunschIlluminati NeonCartrain and Henry Hate will be reviving classical art masterpieces with a touch of their own signature twists. Expect to see remakes of iconic portraits of the Queen, Che Guevara and Marilyn Monroe, in addition to new takes on masters such as Mark Rothko and Caravaggio and their chef d'oeuvre in various media forms ranging from neon to photography to original paintings. 
CB Hoyo, The Art Dealer Told Me This FakeRothko Would Make Me Feel Rich 
A New 2017 Collection by Tyler Shields

Hollywood's favourite provocateur, Tyler Shields has been busy working on many new exciting and provocative projects. We are also thrilled to confirm that we will be having an exhibition with Tyler Shields in Autumn 2017. Stay tuned for more information to come in the following weeks!
Tyler Shields, Make America Paint Again