Friday, 11 August 2017

Natural History Museum - Did whales walk on land? Why do they sing? Find out

Whales: Beneath the surface
Dive into the mysterious world of whales, dolphins and porpoises this summer at our new exhibition, Whales: Beneath the surface. Watch our short film to take look inside and find out more about one of the world's most fascinating evolutionary stories.

Our top five things to do inside the exhibition:

1. hunt like a whale in an echolocation game
2. hear humpback whales sing with the whale jukebox
3. see over 100 specimens, including the Thames whale
4. discover creatures large and small found inside a whale's stomach
5. explore how whale ancestors used to walk on land

★★★★★ "A giant success" - Londonist

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Whales exhibition trailer
What will you see inside the exhibition?
Watch our short film of children exploring the exhibition, hunting like a whale, and discovering creatures you might find inside a whale's stomach.
When whales walked on four legs
Discover the evolutionary story of the largest creature to ever exist. How did the giants of the ocean evolve from a four-legged creature that walked on land? 
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Whale prints
Watch rare footage of a blue whale's banquet
Rare footage of blue whale feeding could help experts find new insights into the meals of these ocean giants.
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Whale pod
Why do whales sing?
Find out the many meanings of whale song and how sound adds to their social lives. Research suggests whales may have more in common with us than previously thought.
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