Monday 1 October 2018

The Cinema Museum - Kennington Bioscope, Exploding Cinema, Kennington Talkies, Cinema Museum Fundraiser

 Kennington Bioscope October 3rd

Exploding Cinema October 6th

Kennington Talkies October 7th

Cinema Museum Fundraiser October 10th
Kennington Bioscope presents; The Lost World, Wednesday October 3rd @ 7:30pm
We are screening a new restoration of The Lost World (1925) that is more complete than ever before. This is the fantasy monster adventure film adapted from Arthur Conan Doyle’s 1912 novel of the same name. The film stars Wallace Beery as Professor Challenger, Bessie Love and Lewis Stone. It was directed by Harry O. Hoyt and featured pioneering stop motion special effects by Willis O’Brien, a forerunner of his work on the original King Kong (1933). Piano accompaniment is by Costas Fotopoulos.
Part one of the evening which will look at Willis O’Brien’s work and focus on his next film Creation (1931).
Silent film with intertitles which may be suitable for the deaf and hard of hearing.
Anyone interested in silent film should visit the website for more info
Tickets are £5, but seats are limited, so to avoid disappointment, please request an invitation via email;
Exploding Cinema, Saturday October 6th @ 7pm
Exploding Cinema is London’s longest running film club. Since 1991 they have been showing independent short films in derelict car parks, squats, the back rooms of pubs, deconsecrated churches, railway arches, boats and anywhere else that isn’t a Cinema. The shows are totally open access: anyone can have their film shown as long as it’s under 20 minutes.
For the last few years Exploding have been putting on shows at the Cinema Museum, promoting fresh new shorts and turning the venue into a psychedelic wonderland with their massive collection of old projectors painting the walls with found footage and weird super 8.  For more information on Exploding Cinema, please click here.

Advance tickets are £6 and may be purchased from Billetto, or call 020 7840 2200 to purchase direct from the Museum.
Kennington Talkies presents; Another Thin Man (1939), Sunday October 7th @ 2:30pm
The third in The Thin Man series, again directed by W. S. Van Dyke, has William Powell, Myrna Loy and Asta the dog joined by the Charles’s son Nicky Jr. Virginia Grey, Otto Kruger, C. Aubrey Smith and Ruth Hussey also star.
Based on Dashiell Hammett’s The Farewell Murder, with a script from Albert Hackett and Frances Goodrich, along with Anita Loos. Nick and Nora are invited to the Long Island home of Colonel Burr MacFay (C. Aubrey Smith), who is the administrator of Nora’s inheritance. MacFay wants Nick help as he is being threatened by a shady character called Phil Church. When MacFay is killed, Church seems to be the obvious suspect, but Nick suspects that there is something more complicated going on…

Advance tickets are £6 - click below to purchase from Billetto or call 020 7840 2200 to purchase direct from the Museum.
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Screening of Swimming With Men (2018) Cinema Museum Fundraiser, Wednesday October 10th @ 7:30pm
A special fundraising screening of the popular British comedy Swimming with Men (2018), starring Rob Brydon, Adeel Akhtar, Jim Carter, Rupert Graves, Daniel Mays, Charlotte Riley, Thomas Turgoose and Jane Horrocks.
Struggling with career and marital problems, accountant Eric (Brydon) finds that friendship provides solace – and in a surprising form, as an all-male synchronised swimming team comes together. Can their coach Susan (Riley) whip this motley crew into shape, as they train for the world championships in Milan? Will they master ‘the flower’, ‘the pyramid’ and ‘the spinning circle’ in time? More importantly, can Eric win estranged wife Heather (Horrocks) back with the help of his newfound confidence? Shot at locations around south London, this gentle and engaging comedy, directed by Oliver Parker, features a fine British cast, including Kennington Coffee Shop’s Ronan Daly.

Advance tickets are £6 - click below to purchase from Billetto or call 020 7840 2200 to purchase direct from the Museum.

All profits from this screening will go to the Save the Cinema Museum Campaign Fund.
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