Thursday 30 September 2021

London Transport Museum - Charing Cross and Piccadilly Circus are back!


London Transport Museum
A person walking down the disused Jubilee platform at Charing Cross stationTwo women talking in a tiled tunnel at Piccadilly CircusTwo silhouettes walking down a maintenance tunnel underneath a station
Two Hidden London favourites are BACK this autumn!
Next week, we'll be launching tickets for Hidden London tours running between October and December 2021.

Hot on the heels of Yesterday's Secrets of the London Underground documentary, this new season of tours is your chance to get up close and see some of the stations featured for yourself.

There are new dates of our virtual tours of Euston, Aldwych, Brompton Road, King William Street, York Road, our walking tour of Covent Garden and the West End, as well as the return of two of our most popular Hidden London tours after over 18 months away - Charing Cross and Piccadilly Circus.
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How to book
As a subscriber, you'll get 24 hours early access to book tickets, so keep your eyes peeled on your inbox next Thursday (7 October) at 10am.
Tunnel at York Road
Charing Cross
It's access all areas with our returning tour of Charing Cross! Go behind closed doors, see the disused Jubilee line platforms (famously seen in blockbusters such as Killing Eve and Skyfall) and walk under Trafalgar Square.
Charing Cross
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Tram in Kingsway Tram Station
As seen on TV!
Piccadilly Circus
See the engineering and architecture marvels at this 105-year-old station. See original Edwardian features and hear how it provided shelter to Londonders and museum artefacts alike.
Piccadilly Circus
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Did you know...
Charing Cross was one of our oldest Hidden London tours. The first tour of the disused Jubilee line platforms at the station was given in April 2015! 
A map of Covent Garden
Secrets of Central London
Unlock the secrets of the West End with our walking tour of Covent Garden, Kingsway, Lincoln’s Inn Fields and Victoria Embankment.
Walking tour
A tiled tunnel at Euston
Euston virtual tour
Explore hidden passageways, emergency stairs and other places usually off-limits to the public on the ULTIMATE tour of Euston.
A tunnel at Aldwych
Aldwych virtual tour
See hidden places and original features at Aldwych as you discover its fascinating history - from its use as a Blitz shelter to a film set.
Gates at Holborn
Holborn (Kingsway) virtual tour
Explore the abandoned structures of Kingsway, Aldwych and Holborn and find out how they were key to unlocking transport across London.
Holborn (Kingsway)
Tiled wall with BROMPTON ROAD - NO EXIT
Brompton Road virtual tour
Once used as a Second World War bunker, discover the history of this former Piccadilly line station and see what it looks like today.
Brompton Road
King William Street
King William Street virtual tour
Get to know the first disused deep tube station, closed for over 120 years, and its key part today in the Bank extension.
King William Street
Tunnel at York Road
York Road virtual tour
Discover this beautiful and unusual station on the Piccadilly line which had a short working life but has held a key role since - as a ventilation shaft.
York Road
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Secrets of the London Underground
Miss any episodes of the fantastic Secrets of the London Underground documentary that aired on Yesterday earlier this year? 

Maybe you loved it and want to binge it all again?

Catch up with all the episodes on the UKTV player and discover the world under London's streets.
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Siddy Holloway and Tim Dunn standing in a tunnel replica