Friday 17 September 2021

Strawberry Hill House & Garden


Celebrating the European Days
of Jewish Culture Festival 2021

As part of the 2021 European Days of Jewish Culture, don't miss our free-to-see online exhibition 'The Unexpected Jewish Past of Strawberry Hill' which ends this December, exploring the lives of two of the historic former owners: Frances, Countess Waldegrave (1821-1879) and Herbert Stern, 1st Baron Michelham (1851-1919). 

On Wednesday 29 September at 7.30pm, Writer and Historian Nino Strachey will share her personal reflections on the life of her ancestor, Frances Waldegrave with an in-person and online talk.

From September until December, visitors will also be able to admire a small display featuring artworks from the online exhibition, in particular the Grant of Arms granted to John Braham in 1817, kindly lent by Nino Strachey.

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Strawberry Hill House & Garden

Talk: "The Little Jewess" - Frances Braham at Strawberry Hill
29 September 2021 at 7.30pm

To celebrate the European Days of Jewish Culture, Nino Strachey will share personal reflections on the life of her relation Frances Braham (1821-1879). The daughter of an internationally famous Jewish opera singer, Frances married into the Waldegrave family, inheriting Strawberry Hill in 1846. In-person and online tickets available.

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Online Exhibition: The Unexpected Jewish past of Strawberry Hill House

This online exhibition, through a variety of images and objects, explore the aspects of Jewish culture and sociability that characterised the lives of Lady Waldegrave and the Stern Family. With themes including family ties, cosmopolitanism, art patronage, social status, religious identity and different forms of philanthropy. 

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Objects on Loan: The Grant of Arms to John Braham 

Visitors to the House will be able to explore a small exhibition in the Holbein Chamber, featuring the Grant of Arms granted to Lady Waldegrave’s father, the Opera singer John Braham, in 1817.

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