Saturday, 30 May 2015

80S KID - In the first of Imitate Modern’s summer pop-up exhibitions, They are excited to launch ’80s KID’, the first ever London solo show by Paul Oz.

90 Piccadilly Mayfair London! W1J - Opens 6th of June to 21st June

Show by Paul Oz.
Fast becoming the portrait painter of our generation, Oz has tackled a wide range of subjects, from the residents of Bristol Zoo in ROAR to the greats of Formula One, his explosive portraits bringing an energy and diversity to the fastest land mammals; Lewis Hamilton and ‘Lance’ the cheetah. ’80s KID’ sees Paul Oz take on an entire decade, with artworks depicting legends of the eighties from Madonna to Margaret Thatcher, and Indiana Jones to the Pink Panther.
A true ’80s KID’ himself, Paul Oz has carefully selected more than twenty characters from politics and pop-culture to give a stunning overview and celebration of the decade that saw the birth of MTV and the release of Star Wars. Leaving no stone unturned, even the iconic Rubix Cube features in ’80s KID’, allowing visitors to reminisce and relive their favourite elements of the 1980s.
Oz’s technique of carving paint onto the canvas creates many-layered artworks with a unique depth and energy. His ‘explosive’ style is unlike any we have seen before, and really must be seen firsthand. A highly sought-after artist, ’80s KID’ will exhibit the only Oz artworks currently exhibiting and available for sale in the world!

About - Imitate Modern
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