Saturday, 22 October 2016

Dulwich Picture Gallery - Adriaen van de Velde now open

The Video: Part One
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In this first of three videos, discover more about the 'Wunderkind' Adriaen van de Velde with exhibition curator Bart Cornelis as he discusses the artist's early years, including his masterpiece 'The beach at Scheveningen', which he created at just 22 years old! 

Exhibition Highlight:
Figures on a beach at Scheveningen

"You can almost hear the conversation in these scenes!" says Sackler Director, Ian Dejardin. "He really is one of the greatest figure painters of the 17th century!"

From the catalogue:

"This masterly composition displays a wonderful cadence of forms
against the background sloping from right to left, while the choreography of the figures is close to perfection."
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Six sides of Van de Velde

From brotherly love to bankruptcy: learn what shaped the Dutch Master during his short lifetime.
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