Sunday, 16 October 2016

Science Museum - Come and think like a scientist in Wonderlab

Come and think like a scientist in Wonderlab: The Statoil Gallery
Spread across seven different zones – electricity, forces, light, maths, matter, sound and space – there's loads of opportunity for students to get hands on with scientific phenomena. Order live experiments at our Chemistry Bar, see lightning strike, play with forces on giant slides or take part in explosive science demonstrations and shows, led by our talented team of Explainers.

With 50 mind-blowing marvels of science and maths to enjoy, Wonderlab is a must for KS2 and KS3. And our handy resources reveal the science and maths behind the exhibits.

Lots of teachers have already booked to bring their classes. It's free and it's amazing, so we look forward to welcoming you and your students soon.
This Book Thinks You're a Scientist
Creative Quarter 2016
Join us for a day of free events in South Kensington offering 13-19 year old students the chance to explore work in the creative industries and creative careers.

Along with the V&A, Natural History Museum, Imperial College London, Royal Albert Hall, Royal College of Music, Goethe-Institut and Christie's South Kensington, we're offering an inspiring programme of talks, workshops and behind the scenes tours.
Bugs! 3D film
Bugs! 3D is back
Follow the drama of bug life in the tropical rain with the return of the popular Bugs! 3D film to our giant IMAX screen.

Meet Hierodula and Papilio, a mantis and butterfly, from their birth to their inevitable encounter, with a supporting cast of creepy crawlies including the trilobite beetle hiding its tiny head under armour plating and a scale bug disguised as a ball of fluff.

From life cycles to ecosystems, this engaging film will bring your students face-to-face with a fascinating array of creatures.