Sunday, 16 October 2016

Fashion & Textile Museum - October Half-term holiday events & new workshops

1920s JAZZ AGE Fashion and Photographs
October half-term holiday workshops
Don’t miss out on half-term activities from Jazz Age dance sessions, draw like a designer, glamorous fan workshops and crochet with Katie Jones.
Charleston Dance Class, 1925
Charleston Dance Class, 1925
Fan Making Workshop
Cool crochet with Katie
Step into the 1920s Jazz Age
This autumn the Museum is staging a series of talks by curators and industry experts which illuminate the Roaring Twenties. Swing by to the Jazz Age exhibition on Friday mornings, Wednesday lunchtimes or Thursday evenings to enjoy these events. Advance booking is strongly recommended.
The Needlewoman, 1926
The Needlewoman 1926. Courtesy Jayne Shrimpton
Maurice Chevalier and Yvonne Vallee
Maurice Chevalier and Yvonne Vallee, 1924. Photograph by James Abbe © James Abbe Archive