Saturday, 16 June 2018

Critically-acclaimed documentary Skid Row Marathon returns to UK Cinemas for encore screenings from 18th June

12th June 2018: London, UK - Following a hugely positive reception in UK Cinemas, CinEvents have confirmed that the critically acclaimed documentary, Skid Row Marathon, will be returning to Cinemas for a run of encore screenings and will be distributed across Europe and Australia.

 The film was initially distributed as an exclusive, one-night-only Event Cinema release on 9th May.  Prior to its UK release, the film had received positive reviews in the States and received 13 awards from 10 different US film festivals during the 2017-2018 season. 
Skid Row Marathon is the truly heart-warming and inspiring story of an unlikely group of individuals from LA’s Skid Row, an area well known for being impoverished and forgotten by society. The feature-length documentary focuses on the story of Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Craig Mitchell over a period of 4 years as he coaches a long-distance running club from the Midnight Mission on LA’s infamous Skid Row.

Using the liberating power of running, the marathon training raises the spirits of Skid Row’s inhabitants and gives them a sense of purpose and a new lease of life. If club members refrain from drug abuse, stay off the streets and out of prison, the Judge will take them around the world to run marathons. Directed by Mark Hayes, this moving film documents the runners as they fight the fierce pull of addiction and homelessness at every turn. It’s a story about second chances and overcoming obstacles. With the surge in numbers of rough sleepers in the UK in the past year, Skid Row Marathon acknowledges the devastating effects homelessness can have.  It showcases what the discipline of running and the power of friendship can do to change lives.

Skid Row Marathon was produced by Gabriele Hayes and Doug Blush. Blush is an award-winning producer, editor, and director who has worked on such films as 2018 Academy Award Best Documentary winner, Icarus, 2012 nominee, The Invisible War, and 2013 Oscar Winner, 20 Feet From Stardom.

Skid Row Marathon has received more than a dozen awards during the 2017-2018 US festival season including: Audience Award Best Documentary Feature 2017 LA Film Festival; Audience Award Favorite Documentary Feature and Best Documentary Feature 2017 Napa Valley Film Festival; Best Documentary Feature and Audience Favorite Documentary 2017 Coronado Island Film Festival; Audience Choice Award and Special Jury Award 2017 Port Townsend Film Festival; Audience Award for Best Documentary Feature 2018 Palm Springs International Film Festival Audience Choice Award 2018 Santa Barbara International Film Festival and Best In The Fest at the 2018 San Luis Obispo International Film Festival.

Skid Row Marathon will be back in UK Cinemas from 18th June (including pre-film) Tickets can be bought here: